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EPCF / EPC+F CONTRACT - Public call for Bidder Pre-qualification ask document to with subject as title

New Bauxite Mine , Pipeline transport to port, New port installation

Mine Plateu
Mine Plateu
Bauxite Plateu

 MME GmbH is supporting Societé des Bauxite de Dabola-Tougué for the International Bid for Pre-qualification of the Bidder that are interested to the Project

A) Scope of Work 

1. The Bauxite mine engineering design and supply of equipment for the Leguetera mine in Dabola.

2. Engineering design, supply of machinery and construction works of a project for production of 4 million tons bauxite and transferring as slurry through pipeline. Mainly consisted of the following units:

2.1 Primary crushing, storing, grinding units for Bauxite slurry production, required water and electricity supply in Leguetera mine.

2.2 Construction of the slurry transfer pipeline for about 325 km, slurry pump and monitoring stations including supply of required electrical power generator(s).

           2.3 Dewatering and filtration of Bauxite slurry Units, covered storage for Bauxite, Bauxite storing and reclaiming systems, conveying system of Bauxite into ship and supply of power generator equipment at the port of Conakry.


 B) Project Sites

 - Leguetera Mine area located at about 385 km northeast of Conakry city for Bauxite exploitation and    

   slurry production.

 - Bauxite transferring pipeline extended from Leguetera mine to the Conakry port about 325 km.

 - Port of Conakry for Installation of dewatering and filtration facilities, storing and ship loading systems. 

C) Required Documents for Evaluation 

- Company profile including projects and engineering design experiences of executed works and other current projects (indicating main scope of work, contract price, date, duration, location and clients name and addresses)

- Company capabilities including technical and financial, engineering, manpower, construction and erection machinery, etc.

- Other relevant information as deem necessary (client confirmation, certification, etc).

  Company (ies) who are interested to take part in the EPC+F/EPCF tender individually or as consortium should send the above mentioned information and/or documents by completing the related forms not later than 10th May 2018  to the following addresses:

MME Address: a)Tersteegenstraße. 10, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany,; ;

b)Fourt Alley South Piroozan St, Hormozan St Shahrak Gharb,Tehran – Iran

SBDT Adresse: Moussoudougou, Commune de Matam Route du Niger, Face ENAM, Conakry, GUINEE - B.P: 2859

Note: Sending documents will not create any right for applicants, and SBDT will be in a position to refuse or select applicants for the bid.

Document collect for the Bid-Qualification contact:  MME Germany :  -+49 211 699905110

For more information, and info Tel: +98 21 88577870 MME Tehran or +224 624303330 in SBDT Guinea or +49 211 699905110  in MME Germany.


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