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The DRI PERED process technology started in Shadegan

First PERED® DRI plant started successfully in Shadegan city, Khouzestan Province of Iran. The process is patented by MME GmbH and in Shadeghan has been the opportunity to install a complte DRI plant that demonstrate the effort of many years of researche and engineering activities.

The plant started and commissioned without any problem and its initial performances demonstrated that future market can be projected to PERED® technology. Product of this plant had metallization of more than 93%, carbon content of more than 1.5%, Capacity of 75 ton per hour at first day and consumption figures are excellent. After a short time capacity reached to designed value. Shadegan PERED® DRI designed for producing 800,000 ton per year cold DRI, a Greenfield contract. Main features of The PERED® technology are: fast reaching to design capacity, energy consumptions lower than the other technologies, higher performance, easy operation, flexibility for all product mix and capacities, etc. Other PERED DRI plant going to be started till end of this year. There are three other PERED® DRI plant in IRAN that some of them under commissioning and some of them at final step of erection. Another PERED DRI plant in china is under construction. New contracts in Iran and all over the words (Mega Modules) are under negotiation and it isexpected at least two new PERED DRI contract till the end of 2017. For further information about the PERED DRI Technology click here pelase.


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